New Patients

Please complete the enclosed forms and bring them with you on your first visit. You will also need to bring your insurance card(s) and your driver’s license. We are also required to check insurance information on each subsequent visit. Patients are responsible to notify our office of any changes in address, telephone or insurance coverage.

All new patients will typically receive a comprehensive Medical eye exam, NOT a routine vision exam. If you are a member of an HMO or a PPO that requires pre-authorization, please obtain that pre-authorization prior to your exam. In most cases pre-authorization is attained by calling your primary care doctor.

Most new patients to our practice will have a dilated eye exam on their first visit. We recommend that you have someone else drive you home when your eyes are dilated.

If you are diabetic, please be sure to keep your blood sugar under control before your examination. A high blood sugar level can affect the results of your examination.


In order to view or print these forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Click here to download it.

Appointment Length

It is possible that your entire visit can take up to 2+ hours. This time will include workup, diagnostic testing, examination, visit with Dr. Ronk or Dr. Soto and possible treatment.

Prescription Refills

If you need a prescription refill, please call your pharmacy and allow 24 hours for your physician to respond to the pharmacy’s requests.

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